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Camera lamp Camera lamp
-32 %
- A lamp in the form of a camera will protect your home or company, so that it will give you a warning if it senses any movement around the house, no matter how far away it is. - Its lighting is very strong and it has a large ambient light. - It is charged with solar energy, which means the top of t..
200.00 EGP 295.00 EGP
Solar lighting poles in the shape of a jewel, giving distinctive lighting in different colors, for the garden or for planting mast in balconies, a very distinctive aesthetic shape, the package is 4 columns, column length 29 cm, lighting yellow color..
240.00 EGP
- The car glass repair kit is a product designed to provide you with the highest protection from cracked Arab glass and provide you with a clear view, all in less than 30 minutes and without the need to go to a specialist. - The product consists of 3 pieces, the first piece is a small bottle similar..
155.00 EGP
- It will beautify and light up your garden and make everyone who sees it dazzle with its beauty.- These are solar powered lights, which means they won't take any of the home's electricity.- Charges during the day and runs all night, turning on powerful, excellent LED lights.- The lights are water a..
95.00 EGP
- These distinctive columns that you will be able to put on the floor of El Geneina with ease, and you will not need an electrician, electrical connections, or anything mentioned.- The columns are charged with solar energy, which means that they will not provide you with the electricity bill, and yo..
440.00 EGP
- The lamp will let you light up your house from the outside without paying a lot for electricity because it works on solar energy, meaning it will save you money like that - it collects energy in the morning from the sun and operates automatically at night if it is charged. - You will be able to ha..
275.00 EGP
26 Led solar light 26 Led solar light
-34 %
Solar torch 26 LED bulbs with strong light in the form of a disc with a diameter of approximately 25 cm, suitable for use inside and outside the house, equipped with 6 solar energy cells, light sensor and control switch..
230.00 EGP 350.00 EGP
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