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4 in 1 Micro Blast Cleaning Powder     dirt removal     Antibacterial     odorless     free of clogging     The wild tornado gets the job done, and it does it by dissolving grease, hair, paper, soap s..
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- It will be your solution in emergency situations because in your day you are exposed to many things that will be a reason for transmitting diseases and germs..- Soap will be protection for you, because you will need to wash your hands more than once in your day after eating and when entering the b..
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Blower brand Zero Energy 220-240 V 50/60 Hz 430 W Cable length 2 meters Country of origin China..
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Drain cleaning powder Drain cleaning powder
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Drain cleaning powderIt removes the impurities stuck in the drainpipes of the basinsEasily dissolves grease, hair, oils, soap and paper productsIdeal for use on pipes, toilets, sinks and sinks
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- The foldable clothes dryer is the ideal solution that will help you keep your clothes clean and smell sweet and will not expose them to the vagaries of the weather. - You can hang it anywhere you want without taking up any space. - It will be useful to use it as a check towel in your bathroom or a..
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Natural beeswax will restore life, luster and beauty to all the wooden pieces in your home.- Completely safe to use on all types of wood, whether painted or regular, whether furniture, doors or wooden floors.- Remove grease and dirt from wood, and the wood will return to its natural state, possibly ..
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-- An integrated kit that will make your home shine with cleanliness with minimal effort and from the first use.. Bucket and space with different designs your age, you have not seen it like before in shape, capabilities and price as well. - It contains a mop with a wide head that will cover the larg..
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Cleans all kinds of stains The unique stain analyzer penetrates the strongest types of stains, does not harm clothes or hands, does not leave residue after cleaning!!! Removes all kinds of stubborn stains: grease, juice, jelly, ketchup, broth, cosmetics, milk, cream, buttermilk, oil, etc...
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All-in-one foaming cleanser with brush! Which will relieve you of all the fatigue that you can meet while you are clean. - Foam cleaner is the magic solution to all the problems that you will encounter in your home, and this is because you will be able to use it to clean any spot, whether on walls, ..
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- It will protect all your suede items, especially suede boots, which peel off and spit out quickly and change color with the wrong cleaning. - The nano-particles act as an insulator and a protector for the shoes, so they maintain their bright color and are not affected by water or dirt, no matter w..
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A cleaning brush with a new and innovative idea that is connected to the water hose to wash and clean the toughest dirt and in the most difficult places with ease With a soft cleaning brush and a coarse one to suit all your needs..
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- The magic rust remover will be able to remove all types of rust, grease and pollutants from metals and return them new and shining from again and without causing any damage to the paint, which means completely safe. It contains an active substance that penetrates particles and promotes the rapid d..
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Cleaner and polisher for shoes and bags, whether white or any color, a packet of tissues 10 pieces, easy to keep in your pocket or bag..
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None of us likes the sight of dust accumulating on furniture, appliances and expensive antiques in the house.. Of course, we all care about cleaning our homes and that they are shining from cleanliness, but this is not easy to achieve.. That's why we brought you the solution!Go Duster, the smart cle..
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In order to protect your health and the health of the people who share the same place with you, you must bring the sensor dispenser in your bathroom. Because there is a sensor that will download the soap lotion without touching, and as soon as your hand comes close, you will find it descending on it..
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Nano spray to isolate fabrics, leather, metals, stones, glass and any surface you want to isolate a transparent spray with a powerful expelling power of water and oils. It is used for shoes, clothes, upholstery, car upholstery, the exterior car body, walls, or glass and mirrors. The car is also used..
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The amazing carbon sponge The amazing carbon sponge
2-3 Days
The most difficult moment for the woman of the house is when she sees the pots and pans after years of use, and the blackness that can not be removed from them, even if you flipped over! Medicine, and the one who brings you the solution that will bring you your need new and make it a mirror in which..
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Because working the house, neither was it nor his age, it will be easy, and because we need you and want you to rest from the continuous effort.. we brought you today the magic solution that will make you sit down and put a man on another man!The amazing Twister mop will help you get rid of the hous..
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- Washing machine tub cleaning tablets will clean every part of the washer drum and eliminate harmful bacteria, dirt and bad smell, leaving your washing machine looking new and shining.- Made of a unique and powerful formula that penetrates and dissolves the sediment that is formed as a result of th..
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