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Bags are one of the things we don't know to dispense with in our kitchen, what is a bag for trash, a bag for throwing leftovers, and a bag for sandwiches for the kids. That is why we have provided a special holder and organizer for these bags, because they cannot be left in any drawer and you prefer..
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- The electronic kitchen scale is a stylish and different shape of the digital kitchen scale in the form of bubbly bubbles, through which you will be able to weigh anything you need in the kitchen.- With it, you will be able to weigh all the different vegetables and fruits or any meat and ingredient..
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coal heater coal heater
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- The charcoal igniter heats up charcoal in seconds and anywhere.- The device works on electricity through a high-temperature and fast-heating heater, all you have to do is step on the power button and wait for a minute and you will find the coals are red from all sides.- It has a bowl with a wooden..
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- The honey and oil dispenser will help you in making the most delicious baked goods, grills and stews with high professionalism.- Fill it with oil, honey, barbecue sauce or other sauces and start pressing from under. You will find the oil comes out through the brush and begins to be distributed eve..
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Mini espresso has been designed to be a small, light and versatile handheld espresso machine, It’s simple and intuitive to operate, Addground coffee to the filter basket with the help of the integrated scoop, Apply slight pressure to level the grind, Add hot water into the water tank Finally..
890.00 EGP
- The genius invention.. practical and effective to the maximum degree, and this is because through it you will be able to cut any quantity and any type of vegetables in the fastest time and with the least effort possible.- You won't cut the vegetables, just because, you will also wash them in the s..
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The genius barbecue grill with which you can grill all the food you love is better than the best of them in my country, and you can also take it with you anywhere you want without taking up any space. The grill is a non-stick mat, withstands very high temperatures, is water- and fire-resistant, whic..
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Very excellent quality double face plaster that is used for inserts, room doors, toilet base, window and kitchen door..
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Installed on the shower rod or basin mixer, imported high quality..
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• It will be the ideal way for you to repair your home furniture or to treat a crack or break in your window.• You will be able to use it to repair kitchen and bathroom marble, but you will also be able to repair any broken part of your car with it.• The adhesive is made of acrylic and consists of a..
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Strong and overlapping brushes for cleaning dishes, cups and spoons, very easy to use and with a powerful cleaning power, a base equipped with 4 strong straws, to be installed anywhere easily..
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- Microwave organizer.. the masterpiece invention that arranges all your needs in the kitchen and saves you from crowding and tools that are everywhere. - It is a metal holder 2 roles, easy to remove, install and use. - You will place it above the microwave, so that you will have 2 additional shelve..
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Among all types of food, pizza will be number one for adults and children.. And in order to solve the problem of suffocation on the slices of pizza in slicing, we bring to you the smart cutting scissors. With the scissors, the pizza slices will remain in order and every piece is intact because the s..
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Silicone Thermal Mug 500ml Easy to use Maintains the temperature of the drinks It empties the air through the adhesive at the bottom of the bottle to prevent it from moving or shaking Dimensions 9 * 9 * 22 cm Made in China..
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- The invention of an espresso pot over the fire.. you will make the espresso you love with the best flavor as if you were making regular coffee in your home, without wires, electricity, or a machine, and you would not need to go down to the cafe and not pay a lot of money- The espresso pot is speci..
180.00 EGP
Turkish coffee maker SK-205 - Turkish coffee maker - 500 ML - enough to make 3 cups - 600 watts - start and stop button - a safe system that prevents operation without water - easy to clean..
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