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4 in 1 Micro Blast Cleaning Powder     dirt removal     Antibacterial     odorless     free of clogging     The wild tornado gets the job done, and it does it by dissolving grease, hair, paper, soap s..
99.00 EGP
Canvas shoe organiser 7 practical roles that will help you organize and clean your home, you will forget with them like knee shoes.    Advantages:-    1. Canvas shoe organiser, easy to carry and install    2. Water proof cloth is easy for you to clean&nbs..
200.00 EGP
- The TV alarm has a clock, an alarm, a calendar, and you will also know the temperature.- Designed in the shape of a very cute TV.- You can put it anywhere in the reception, bedroom or children's room, because your child will love it, but its size is suitable and it will not make you a crisis.Made ..
190.00 EGP
Alarm with projector 8190     Material: ABS plastic with LCD screen     Type: Desk Table Bedside Projection Alarm Clocks     Special function: time projection, alarm, snooze, display T&H     Power source: 2 AAA batte..
195.00 EGP
Alarm with projector 8290     The watch can calculate the temperature     The watch can calculate humidity     12/24 hours     The watch has an alarm     The watch has a date calculation  &n..
195.00 EGP
Camera lamp Camera lamp
-32 %
- A lamp in the form of a camera will protect your home or company, so that it will give you a warning if it senses any movement around the house, no matter how far away it is. - Its lighting is very strong and it has a large ambient light. - It is charged with solar energy, which means the top of t..
200.00 EGP 295.00 EGP
- The steam iron is suitable for all clothes, whatever their type, meaning you will iron all your clothes without any fear, because you will be able to control the appropriate temperature for the type of fabric through the indicator.- It contains a sprayer, so you can spray the clothes while you are..
455.00 EGP
Clothes and shoes dryer hanger Clothes and shoes dryer hanger
-32 %
Multinational Foldable Clothes And Shoes Dryer Hanger The dryer has clothes care functions such as: moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-mite, sterilization, anti-stain, deodorant, etc. Space saving, separation, easy to carry, easy to operate. Material ABS + ABS flame retardant, red light when working..
335.00 EGP 490.00 EGP
coal heater coal heater
-21 %
- The charcoal igniter heats up charcoal in seconds and anywhere.- The device works on electricity through a high-temperature and fast-heating heater, all you have to do is step on the power button and wait for a minute and you will find the coals are red from all sides.- It has a bowl with a wooden..
250.00 EGP 315.00 EGP
DSP espresso machine DSP espresso machine
-19 %
Features:-- It is small in size, suitable for placing it anywhere in the house, and it does not take up much space- Its body is made of stainless steel and has a chic and modern look- You will be able to make foam exactly like cafes, because there is a part dedicated to making foamWith an indicator ..
2,600.00 EGP 3,200.00 EGP
Electric pan and grill, it will help you to eat healthy food easily and without fire, and you will also know how to take it with you when you eat, because its size is small and not heavy.    Advantages:-    The bowl will help you make eating a grill easily.  &..
195.00 EGP
Fan Solar Light torch Fan Solar Light torch
-38 %
Charged with solar energy or electricity with a USB port to charge the mobile Strong lighting that lasts for a long time against water and weather conditions for use inside or outside the house..
180.00 EGP 290.00 EGP
- The foldable clothes dryer is the ideal solution that will help you keep your clothes clean and smell sweet and will not expose them to the vagaries of the weather. - You can hang it anywhere you want without taking up any space. - It will be useful to use it as a check towel in your bathroom or a..
180.00 EGP
Natural beeswax will restore life, luster and beauty to all the wooden pieces in your home.- Completely safe to use on all types of wood, whether painted or regular, whether furniture, doors or wooden floors.- Remove grease and dirt from wood, and the wood will return to its natural state, possibly ..
100.00 EGP
The genius solution for cleaning, sterilizing and ironing curtains, the well-known Steam Cleaner device, the device works to convert cold water into hot steam, which means goodbye to chemical detergents. To clean glass, curtains and cars, it is really an amazing device..
710.00 EGP
- It will renovate and completely change the decor of your home at the lowest costs and without any effort.It adheres to all types of surfaces, such as ceramic and marble, and is useful for walls and floors.- It will change the look of your room, reception, bathroom or kitchen 180 degrees.- You can ..
100.00 EGP
An electric sandwich maker made of granite, City brand, from the electrical appliances that are now in every home to make the most delicious sandwiches, creativity and innovation in your kitchen    Features:    - Original CITY sandwich maker    - Non-stic..
335.00 EGP
- The genius invention that you will not need installation, cracking, behavior or electrical connections that takes you time and effort because you will be able to install it anywhere in your home, whether in the reception, your bathroom, your bathroom or your kitchen, and your hands have very stron..
178.00 EGP
Luminous shower head without battery, works by water pressure, has 7 wonderful and attractive colors, encourages children who refuse to shower and loves them to bathe, with beautiful colors and a wonderful atmosphere. Enjoy a distinctive romantic bathroom and a wonderful view with a water shower. Th..
205.00 EGP
• It will be the ideal way for you to repair your home furniture or to treat a crack or break in your window.• You will be able to use it to repair kitchen and bathroom marble, but you will also be able to repair any broken part of your car with it.• The adhesive is made of acrylic and consists of a..
105.00 EGP
- Its lighting is strong and high and it will benefit you very much when the light is cut off.- Its lighting is chic and calm, like lighting a candle, but it is more powerful, disrespectful, and degrades the world.- It looks antique and combines elegance and technology, and with one puff you will be..
99.00 EGP
- The magical transparent adhesive, made of safe and non-toxic Nano PU gel material, which you can easily use again.- It will be useful to stick to it almost everything, such as sticking charging and hand-free cables, which are lost, and phones so that you are always in front of your eyes all the ti..
90.00 EGP
mobile furniture stand mobile furniture stand
-22 %
Made of durable steel construction, plastic handle with anti-slip design, 4-pack caster rollers are made of plastic One-hand furniture lift, easy assembly, no tools required; Lift, position, slide, adjust and level your appliances and furniture 360° moldable and rotating pads conform to furniture le..
90.00 EGP 115.00 EGP
Also, it is useful to close medical bags, and also to organize baguette wires, 12 pieces..
90.00 EGP
Strong adhesive from 3M, available in white and gray colors..
95.00 EGP
- Ideal for removing wrinkles from clothes, making them always fresh and sterile, and removing any unpleasant odors- It operates with a huge heating power and steam pumping with a capacity of 650 watts for the highest efficiency and best sterilization.- It heats up in seconds to get you done on time..
250.00 EGP
A fan for the office, in the street or at home, a very powerful and excellent USB charging..
135.00 EGP
Your doors are open and you can't close them because you don't leave them open day and night??- The practical door shutter will lock the door and see you while you are inside and you are out, and it will not differentiate the type of door with it, even if it is a refrigerator door.- It locks all doo..
130.00 EGP
Projector Alarm 3605     Alert when an hour has passed     Display the time on the wall as a projector     Speak time feature     LCD screen displays time and temperature     Alarm clock with 10 minut..
195.00 EGP
Scent Light bulb Scent Light bulb
-10 %
- The oasis of the light bulb will perfume the place and moisturize the air and will not make you feel any dryness and will reduce the symptoms of respiratory allergies that occur to you in the summer. - You will be illuminated at night with very beautiful lights, which means that you will feel that..
130.00 EGP 145.00 EGP
It will completely renew and change the décor of your home at the lowest cost and without any effort - it sticks on all types of surfaces, such as ceramic and marble, and is useful for walls.- It will change the look of your room, reception, bathroom or kitchen 180 degrees.- You can use it to change..
95.00 EGP
Mini Portable Travel Steam Iron 700W Folding Steam IronLightweight Compact Fit DurableFlat foldable handlePress the button to steamvariable temperatureoperation indicatorThis palm sized travel mini steam iron is ideal for embroidery, crafts and when traveling. Comes with a measuring cup and carrying..
289.00 EGP
Vacuum storage bags with suction very high quality 70 * 100 cm..
99.00 EGP
- The window wire cutout handler is a square-shaped wire with a length and width of 10 cm.- You can put it on the cut part and it will fuse with the rest as if it is one of them and there is no difference, this means that it will improve the aesthetic shape and will never fade.- It will protect you ..
95.00 EGP
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