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A set of 28 pieces of screwdrivers for the full use of home maintenance, consisting of one screwdriver head with a plastic handle with a comfortable geometric design, and a storage place in the handle to save the pieces Made of corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant steel Contains the most important..
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Blower brand Zero Energy 220-240 V 50/60 Hz 430 W Cable length 2 meters Country of origin China..
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- The electronic kitchen scale is a stylish and different shape of the digital kitchen scale in the form of bubbly bubbles, through which you will be able to weigh anything you need in the kitchen.- With it, you will be able to weigh all the different vegetables and fruits or any meat and ingredient..
340.00 EGP
Anyone who works in a handicraft knows well what it means what a nail pops or breaks and you don't know how to break it.. but we have given you the solution!We offer you the instant nail remover.. the magic solution that will save you from any nail that has lost your job and you do not know how to p..
99.00 EGP
Have you tried installing an electrical switch, or attaching a nail in the home or office, and discovered that the screwdriver in your hand is not the right screwdriver for the head you want to connect? And of course, you prefer to go down, go to the place until you find the right screwdriver, your ..
135.00 EGP
- The magical transparent adhesive, made of safe and non-toxic Nano PU gel material, which you can easily use again.- It will be useful to stick to it almost everything, such as sticking charging and hand-free cables, which are lost, and phones so that you are always in front of your eyes all the ti..
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mobile furniture stand mobile furniture stand
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Made of durable steel construction, plastic handle with anti-slip design, 4-pack caster rollers are made of plastic One-hand furniture lift, easy assembly, no tools required; Lift, position, slide, adjust and level your appliances and furniture 360° moldable and rotating pads conform to furniture le..
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Among all types of food, pizza will be number one for adults and children.. And in order to solve the problem of suffocation on the slices of pizza in slicing, we bring to you the smart cutting scissors. With the scissors, the pizza slices will remain in order and every piece is intact because the s..
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- The portable magnetic torch is a torch that is long and short and easy to move so that you can reach anywhere you cannot easily see.- It has a strong magnet to attract the need that you lost without having to remove the furniture itself in order to reach your hand to the lost need.The head rotates..
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