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Gaming headphones are something that separates the two of you because it has the advantage of sound isolation - its HD microphone has crystal clear sound, so you can easily connect with your group in the game. Lightweight and comfortable to use no matter how many hours you play. It is made of high-q..
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Wireless earbuds - equipped with a digital screen to know the charging rate - 2 microphones in both ears - Bluetooth - compatible with all iPhone and Android operating systems - soundproofing - works with sensor touch - the headset works for 4 hours - the headset box charges in an hour Charges the h..
280.00 EGP
Headphone row: - Wireless earbuds - Contains a charger connection - 2 microphones in both ears - Bluetooth - Compatible with all iPhone and Android operating systems - It has sound insulation - It has a sensor touch - The headset works for two and a half hours - Headphone box It charges in an hour a..
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AirPods Pro 5 White AirPods Pro 5 White
-25 %
Features    The headset is distinguished by its purity of sound and its loud and clear sound.    The headset has a light that turns off the first time you reach the mobile phone.    The box comes with an extension cable so that you know how to charge the ..
150.00 EGP 200.00 EGP
Airpods Pro Semi Original Black Airpods Pro Semi Original Black
-16 %
Features:-    The headset is loaded with a new idea    Because it charges from the mobile itself, because its charger is type C instead of the normal USB, and you can charge it from the mobile at any time. 2 microphones in each headset are equipped with noise isolation ..
320.00 EGP 380.00 EGP
AirPods with speaker 4 in 1 AirPods with speaker 4 in 1
-25 %
Headset m6 4 in 1 (Airpods, speaker, power bank will save you when your mobile disconnects charging and flashlight, all in one device)* How to use * Press the playback button in the back and long press and search on the phone for the speaker model and connect it to the mobile for a higher volume Pre..
450.00 EGP 600.00 EGP
- The TV alarm has a clock, an alarm, a calendar, and you will also know the temperature.- Designed in the shape of a very cute TV.- You can put it anywhere in the reception, bedroom or children's room, because your child will love it, but its size is suitable and it will not make you a crisis.Made ..
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Alarm with projector 8190     Material: ABS plastic with LCD screen     Type: Desk Table Bedside Projection Alarm Clocks     Special function: time projection, alarm, snooze, display T&H     Power source: 2 AAA batte..
195.00 EGP
Alarm with projector 8290     The watch can calculate the temperature     The watch can calculate humidity     12/24 hours     The watch has an alarm     The watch has a date calculation  &n..
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Support calls answering and calling through the watch    Arabic language support    Compatible OS Android and IOS    Excellent battery 300 mAh    Touch is fast and very convenient to use    The possibility of changing the str..
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Bundle lamp, headset and selfie stick Bundle lamp, headset and selfie stick
Out Of Stock
• lampshades:- It will light in 7 different colors (blue - red - purple - beige).- You will control 3 levels of lighting intensity between high, medium and low, and songs will also hear you in HD sound.- You connect with all devices via Bluetooth for a distance of 10 meters.- You will be able to con..
230.00 EGP
USB Data and charging is very excellent, high quality and excellent quality, all types, normal Android, fast charging, iPhone USB: a high-quality cable that transfers data quickly and charges quickly, high quality, lives a long time, does not heat up..
90.00 EGP
Chinese giant NIA X3 headphones Chinese giant NIA X3 headphones
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- It will isolate you from the whole world and make you live in the music... with purity, sound quality and comfortable lining that will make you forget it at your feet for hours without making you tired.- Equipped with advanced technology, loud and pure sound and excellent sound effects that will l..
795.00 EGP
Speaker Size: 10 MM Sensitivity: 96 +- 3db at 1khz 0.5v rms Frequency response : 20HZ : 20000 HZ Plug Type: 3.5 MM Microphone Dimensions: 4*1.5 MM Sensitivity: 42 dB+/-3Db Frequency response: 30 : 16000 HZ..
210.00 EGP
EV151 Wired Headphones EV151 Wired Headphones
-15 %
Speaker Size: 10 MM Sensitivity: 96 +- 3db at 1khz 0.5v rms Frequency response: 20HZ: 20000 HZ Plug Type: 3.5 MM Microphone Dimensions: 4*1.5 MM Sensitivity: 42 dB+/-3Db Frequency response: 30: 16000 HZ Speaker Very comfortable on the ear and conforms to the shape of the ear, loud and clear sound an..
85.00 EGP 100.00 EGP
InPods 12 Yellow + M4 Smart Band InPods 12 Yellow + M4 Smart Band
-14 %
"*Features*    It works with bluetooth, easy to use    Charges quickly in an hour you can use    You can use it for 2 to 3 hours continuously    It has a light that shows you the charging status    You can control music and c..
190.00 EGP 220.00 EGP
The headset charges in the box, and it has a screen that shows you how much the charge is so you know when you need to charge it. It works on Bluetooth and you can move it 10 meters away from the mobile so that you can move with it comfortably, and its comfortable design will comfort you when you pu..
330.00 EGP
The normal headphones are fine, and we still have a defect when we waste a long time while we unplug the headphone cord like every time!That's why we brought you the wireless AirPods. The original Joyroom headphones are 100% original, the upgraded version of the famous Apple AirPod. With higher capa..
700.00 EGP
When you come to turn on the head set, you turn to the need of good quality that lives with you and provides you with a pure sound, and at the same time the costs will be high for you.. And because in the game, you want to live the game as if you were inside it and focus on it. The quality of the so..
450.00 EGP
Because in gaming, you want to live the game, and it is not easy to find a head set that will deliver perfect sound quality, and at the same time, you will be comfortable on your feet and be able to bear it during these hours of gaming. You will keep looking at this headset that will isolate you fro..
720.00 EGP
Very bad situations will happen if you do not have a good scout in your home or in your car, that is why we gave you this special scout that will provide you with more than one thing:• You will have a light so strong that you will feel that it is stronger than ordinary light, but at the same time, y..
500.00 EGP
torch clip and a pen to read, the length of the searchlight is 5 cm, 3 amps, 1.5 volts, the battery capacity is 13..
95.00 EGP
A camera with the magic printer of Lubni, you will take pictures and print the picture for a long time without taking time, and the camera has a very clear and clear picture and is charged by USB if you are a fan of photography and photos because the camera does not know how to take it with you ever..
900.00 EGP
Fast charging cable 2 mA - Anti-cut - It has 3 charging outputs for TypeC, Micro and iPhone - Cable length 1 meter - The cable head rotates 360 degrees for easy mobile movement during charging - The cable is anti-cut - Lighting acts as a charging indicator - Color random..
80.00 EGP
The license keys are 100% genuine issued directly from Microsoft. WORD EXCEL POWERPOINT ONENOTE Please note: Please follow this official Instruction to register your Office Professional 2019 product. 1. Once you received your Order, please find your product key. 2. Open your browser and go to..
250.00 EGP
If you are a non-ordinary gamer, then you will need a non-ordinary mouse, because you often have to play your favorite games with a normal and slow mouse, which can literally destroy the records that you achieved in the game and take away your enjoyment of playing, so Delsinia has brought you what w..
300.00 EGP
Mirror Power bank 5500 from Remax Mirror Power bank 5500 from Remax
Out Of Stock
- 5500 mAh high capacity, it will help you charge your mobile phone, tablet or headphones easily and in the least possible time.- It looks elegant and luxurious and is made of metal, and the front part of it has a built-in mirror with an LED indicator that will show you the power level so that you k..
315.00 EGP
- With a watch that tracks and protects children, you will be assured of your children all the time, even if they are not in front of you and in the nursery or school. - The watch is equipped with a camera so that you can see your child at any time and from anywhere. - It has a feature to locate pla..
819.00 EGP
you will see a clearer picture and a larger screen. The screen magnifier is 5 times the image of the mobile phone. It is suitable for all mobile phones. The screen is a sophisticated 3D screen, the size is jumbo 10 inches...
95.00 EGP
D18 Description:    The watch is compatible with IOS and Android system    The battery life of the watch lasts for two days continuously    The battery is charged within 2 hours    The watch screen is operated by touch    The..
260.00 EGP
P80S Smart Watch The watch can make calls from it, and when you connect it to the mobile, the call history will be synchronized. The watch has 2 sticks, one magnetic and one silicone, and the watch is charged by USB...
490.00 EGP
A fan for the office, in the street or at home, a very powerful and excellent USB charging..
135.00 EGP
power bank - remax power bank - remax
Out Of Stock
- Designed in the shape of a slipper.- 10000 mAh.- Enables the fast charging feature.- Equipped with two places for USB and one for Micro-USB so that you can charge more than one mobile phone or charge your mobile headphones at the same time.- The cables are internal to keep it from being cut and da..
365.00 EGP
Projector Alarm 3605     Alert when an hour has passed     Display the time on the wall as a projector     Speak time feature     LCD screen displays time and temperature     Alarm clock with 10 minut..
195.00 EGP
MOUSE WIRELESS WITH BACK FORWARD AUTOMATIC ON OFF High quality, high capabilities Red Mouse: Fast Wireless High streamlined shape and light width suitable for the hand Very excellent in gaming or moving quickly It has two forward and backward buttons Red color in black Very comfortable and elegant I..
110.00 EGP
REMAX S5 Bluetooth Headset REMAX S5 Bluetooth Headset
Out Of Stock
. Selection of durable materials anti-sweat design, effective solution to the problems of movement in a lot of sweat. 2. Locking system using on-ear design, durable structure, more comfortable music experience. 3. Magnetic, the headphones when not in use, can easily be fixed to the neck, and not fal..
470.00 EGP
The watch is compatible with IOS and Android system    The working time of the watch battery lasts for 4 to 7 days continuously    The battery is charged within an hour    The watch screen is operated by touch    Heart rate measurement ..
180.00 EGP
Smart Watch LH719 + Redmi Headset with Screen Smart Watch LH719 + Redmi Headset with Screen
-14 %
Description of LH719 Smart Watch:    The watch is compatible with IOS and Android system    The battery life of the watch lasts for two days continuously    The battery is charged within 2 hours    The watch screen is operated by touch ..
300.00 EGP 350.00 EGP
Supports Arabic language    You can make callback and callback calls    Supports notifications in Arabic    The battery stays with you from 3 to 6 days, depending on use    Accurately supports measurements    Where is the tem..
520.00 EGP
- The musky speaker has sound quality, flexibility, and automatically changing colors. - Distinguished by the possibility of connecting to Bluetooth to play on it what you want. - You can insert a memory card alone in it, next to the mic, which will enable you to take calls without disconnecting the..
850.00 EGP
TWS 530 Digital Headset Black
-17 %
A sound-isolating digital headphone made of a rabra material that takes the shape of the ear and sticks, meaning you will ensure that it will not fall out of your way, with its charging box that has a screen, it will show you the percentage of charging, you will not be able to do without it with you..
240.00 EGP 290.00 EGP
A high-performance mobile holder, distinguished by high absorption from both sides, because there are two parts for fastening the safety and pressure buttons, all types of tablets can be used on it also taking into account the installation on a smooth and clean surface to obtain the highest ..
90.00 EGP
When you use the keyboard a lot, you will surely encounter someone whose brain has cracked from one of the keyboard buttons. This is a few hours. You also crack for the same reason. I have tried many keyboards and the same problem still exists. Do not worry, Delsinia is with you to solve all your di..
165.00 EGP
Black Mouse: Wireless fast, attractive shape, reflective light, smooth in the hand and very comfortable, small and luxurious size, very suitable with any device and on the go..
95.00 EGP
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