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Back in the day, massage was a luxury and not important, but now, with constant fatigue as a result of working for many hours or sitting for a long time in a wrong way, there is an essential need at the end of every day, especially if you want a healthy and active body because now with a double-head..
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Comfortable to use, large size, medical silicone material for bathing, back and body massage, and body scrub in a safe and healthy manner..
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If you're unhappy with the saggy or wrinkled skin on your neck and/or face, the new Ice Roller uses a special roller and small cold wheels to soothe your facial skin and reduce inflammation - resulting in more youthful-looking skin. Asian women have used ice therapy for centuries to get smooth, hydr..
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Many people have suffered from the problem of headaches due to many reasons such as stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, discomfort, and using the computer for a long time, in addition to the daily routine, which leads to an increase in pain, vomiting, and nausea sometimes from the severity of the..
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Super Elastic Knee Corset Elastic core and distinct according to the characteristic of the knee, very comfortable to wear. Applicable Suitable for outdoor cycling, dancing, yoga, outdoor sports etc...
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Yoga mat or mat for exercise and yoga exercises Dimensions 160 x 70 cm Durable and comfortable to absorb shocks and maintain balance Lightweight Portable and can be rolled up for easy carrying Available in multiple colors..
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Base coat and top coat Apply a very thin coat before manicure for a perfect base and a regular coat after manicure for a final touch Type: Nail Polish..
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A small nose clip, semi-anti-snoring, containing a group of volatile essential oils with a distinctive smell that helps to relax and ease breathing deeply, useful for those who suffer from headaches due to sinuses, colds and snoring during sleep and those who suffer from unpleasant odors anywhere, p..
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It measures the level of oxygen in the blood accurately.It measures the number of beats per minute.- You will be able to use it easily when you put your finger in the slot and then press the buttons and wait for 8 seconds, and you will see the reading appear on the digital screen- The LCD screen is ..
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Massage with heat, a massager for the shoulders, back, legs and feet, a massager of neck kneading, works on home electricity or on the car lighter..
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The amazing massage gun
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We offer you the latest muscle massage methods with a professional massage gun    Fashil pistol sh    268 small    New smaller massager with more powerful motor    Helps relieve pain from the body    Helps relax and relieve m..
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Toe-Corrector Toe-Corrector
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It helps straighten the fingers.It modifies the deviation of the lateral bones of the foot.- It will save you from the problem of sticking and deformed fingers.It will stimulate blood circulation in the foot area.- It will relieve you of the pain that occurs due to bone curvature.- The device is mad..
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