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A transparent rotating makeup organizer 360 model this year, guys, because our customers always have to have the latest fashion, stay in fashion and organize your makeup with the latest rotating makeup organizer in Egypt..
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Derma pen helps in tightening the skin, rejuvenating the skin, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles caused by acne Dermapen is used to fight hair loss by piercing the scalp The derma pen is safer for you as there is much less damage to the skin. Dermapen improves regeneration results by puncturing t..
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- It will make your braids harmonious and attractive without time or effort..The device is professional and ideal for beauty salons and home use.- Consists of 6 sanding strips and 6 multi-functional rotating metal bits1. Professional nail clipper and shaping heads2. Heads to remove corns and calluse..
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- This universal machine will help you shave your hair and pins and assign them to the story you love easily and without needing anyone to help you.- It charges with the fast charging feature with electricity via USB in two hours and preferably works for 90 minutes.- One power level.- He comes with ..
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Facial cleanser and massage 4 in 1 It is charged by its own base It comes with 4 heads that you can change between them It lightens the pores of the face, which gives the face freshness and radiance It charges from two and a half to three hours It works for two continuous hours Its dimensions are 13..
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Excess hair in the facial area in particular causes a problem for girls of all ages.. Removing it will be very painful and cause redness and sensitivity, but it was all right!We offer you the instant hair remover.. this is not a Rouge pen, this is a small device designed in the same shape and size a..
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Flawless Hair removal device + charging machine Flawless Hair removal device + charging machine
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Flawless hair removal device: - It works to remove hair in seconds and without pain by using it in circular motions - The device weakens the roots of the hair in the face and every time the hair comes out weaker than the one before and this is a feature that is not available in any other device othe..
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Flawless hair removal machine, which will provide you with more than one thing:• Ideal for sensitive areas such as the bikini, underarms, knees and ankles.• Soft on the skin and will not cause any scratches or irritation after use.• It has a LED bulb so you can see the fine hairs and remove them.• I..
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Mask for the whole face The mask contains heat preservation gel for cold or hot use Gel mask for the face reduces puffiness, dark circles, headaches, skin care, sinus pressure, sleep, migraines and reducing heat The mask is easy to use and effective. Simply place in the freezer or microwave, and get..
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H2 nail polish dryer You can choose the desired time up to 120 seconds Its dimensions are 23 * 21 * 12 cm Its contents are the dryer and the power connection Power 100-240V 50/60 H 96W..
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Hair Steam Gun The steam gun moisturizes the hair, nourishes the hair follicles and prevents them from drying out. You can add your favorite essential oils to achieve different good effects, this device adopts a dynamic water humidification system before use, and turns the water into an intelligent ..
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It will help you to do your hair at home in more than one way to renew, diversify, and break the routine, without paying a penny.The box contains:• iron.• 3 heads (one makes the hair straight - 2 makes the hair curly in varying degrees, with a size of 19 ml and the other for 32 ml).• 3 hair clips.• ..
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If you're unhappy with the saggy or wrinkled skin on your neck and/or face, the new Ice Roller uses a special roller and small cold wheels to soothe your facial skin and reduce inflammation - resulting in more youthful-looking skin. Asian women have used ice therapy for centuries to get smooth, hydr..
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Make-up mirror with 4 LED light bulbs, not just that, and also with an acrylic makeup organizer for lipsticks and accessories, and makeup brushes..
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It can be held or hung by means of pressure stickers behind the mirror. It is also a magnifier and there is a clip with it. Also, it can be used for males to have a regular mustache or drawn beard Dimensions: 9 * 1 cm..
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It is not easy for you to prefer to maintain your shape all the time.. Surely you will miss something and you will discover only at the wrong time and you will be wandering, Master, that is why we brought you the conclusion, one invention that will always keep you ready and you can take it with you ..
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Mini Foldable Blowdryer + Mini Babyliss Mini Foldable Blowdryer + Mini Babyliss
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The foldable mini blowdryer has 2 speeds so you can choose the one that makes you comfortable. Together, the Mini Babyliss has a temperature of 160 degrees, it will help you straighten your hair easily without getting tired. They will not take a place in storage, and they will be with you when you t..
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Base coat and top coat Apply a very thin coat before manicure for a perfect base and a regular coat after manicure for a final touch Type: Nail Polish..
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Offer of two pieces black hair dye shampoo 500 ml Offer of two pieces black hair dye shampoo 500 ml
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Back to Black shampoo to treat white hair in 5 minutes, where this magical shampoo turns white hair into black as soon as it is used from the first time without dye, in addition to that it maintains the hair and gives it a healthy and shiny appearance and restores it to its natural color and helps i..
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- The ultimate solution that will eliminate skin problems once and for all, the steamer for skin care, is an effective and healthy way, because it helps deep cleaning the skin and moisturizes open pores through warm steam soothing your skin. - It will close the pores and remove dirt, bacteria and th..
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Temporary tattoo lasts from a week to 15 days. It has 20 templates with different drawings so you can change them at your convenience. It also comes with a red ink dispenser.    Features    The first product for temporary tattoos is that you fill in the blanks and do it..
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Yes Laser + Flawless Hair Removal Machine + marking machine Yes Laser + Flawless Hair Removal Machine + marking machine
-24 %
Description of the laser machine: Yes:    Best home laser hair removal device    It is characterized by its small size and elegant shape    A specialized device for permanent hair removal    Fast, Safe, and Efficient    Easy ..
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