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Spoiler - rear for cars, with a length of 1 meter and 15 cm, suitable for sedans and hatchbacks, in a distinctive and imminent black color.     Advantages:     - Adds a mathematical form to Arabic     - It is easily installed on the Arabic ..
95.00 EGP
From today, you will not forget the long distances and the exhausting roadIt will be safe for your children when traveling and normal trips because it will protect them from falls and will be a comfortable bed to sleep in the car whenever they like.- Easy to carry, store and use, and you will not ha..
1,060.00 EGP
Car mirror 2 camera Car mirror 2 camera
-14 %
Advantages    Mirrors are easy to install and suitable for all types of cars    - It is easily installed over the original Arab mirrors and does not need to be removed    - 4.3 inch HD screen to display the road clearly and accurately    Fr..
480.00 EGP 560.00 EGP
Advantages    Mirrors are easy to install and suitable for all types of cars    It is easily installed over the original Arab mirrors and does not need to be removed    HD screen size of 10 * 5.5 cm to display the road clearly and accurately  &n..
865.00 EGP
Car Vacuum Cleaner and Tire Air Pump 2-in-1 design. Useful car vacuum cleaner for wet and dry use. Powerful suction, compact, useful and lightweight. It occupies a small place, easy to empty.    Features:    Powered directly from the car's 12V lighter socket.  ..
340.00 EGP
Digital tire air gauge makes it easy for you to measure the air pressure of the rubber easily and at all times, the LED screen with illumination of the nozzle is illuminated to help you see.     Advantages:-     - It is easy for you to measure the air pressure..
185.00 EGP
3 in 1 car FM player    Your car is not missing anything with the FM player, which will not only take you all the way, because it also has 3 USB outputs so that you can charge your mobile at any time and you can also connect it to your mobile via Bluetooth and control calls from it. F..
95.00 EGP
The refrigerator is small and does not take up much space. It easily operates on the Arab lighter. It has a shelf for snacks and cans and a shelf in the refrigerator door to store medicines. It has two operating systems, hot and cold, you can remove it through a hand on top of the refrigerator.Featu..
350.00 EGP
Cold and hot car refrigerator for drinks and food     Works on the car lighter     Storage for hot and cold drinks and food, especially on trips and travel     It can put juice or water cans inside     It works on electr..
450.00 EGP
With a high quality Colti leather mobile case, available in the pictures, suitable for all cars, depending on the size of the kickstand..
178.00 EGP
Organizer and filler car seat spaces with 2 pockets for mobile phones, licenses and a cigarette case with a slot to be fixed in the seat belt so that it remains fixed and does not move out of position Available in black and brown to suit all colors of cars The set consists of two pieces..
155.00 EGP
• It will be the ideal way for you to repair your home furniture or to treat a crack or break in your window.• You will be able to use it to repair kitchen and bathroom marble, but you will also be able to repair any broken part of your car with it.• The adhesive is made of acrylic and consists of a..
105.00 EGP
Magnetic mobile holder Magnetic mobile holder
-46 %
360 Degree Magnetic Car Phone Holder In Car Air VentStrong magnet: 5 upgrade magnets, 45% stronger than ordinary magnet holder and no effect on mobile phone signalWIDELY COMPATIBLE: Universal for most 4~7 inch smartphones and vent holeLoading capacity up to 640g, no harm to your car. One-hand operat..
35.00 EGP 65.00 EGP
All-in-one foaming cleanser with brush! Which will relieve you of all the fatigue that you can meet while you are clean. - Foam cleaner is the magic solution to all the problems that you will encounter in your home, and this is because you will be able to use it to clean any spot, whether on walls, ..
95.00 EGP
Car mesh pocket An additional pocket for the car to organize personal belongings with ease Equipped with a strong double face that can be pasted anywhere in the car to provide additional storage space Now from Al-Waleed in two sizes The large size is 19 cm The medium size is 15 cm..
95.00 EGP
A fan for the office, in the street or at home, a very powerful and excellent USB charging..
135.00 EGP
Attached to the steering wheel or on the back of the chair Very easy to install Very useful while traveling to eat and drink or to work on a laptop or as a car organizer Dimensions 35 cm x 23 cm..
295.00 EGP
Your fear of your car and your concern for its cleanliness makes you wash it a lot, and instead of treating a need, there is a need, because the washing machine exposes it to rust, tarnish, and fading paint. With “3 x 1 shield bright spray dry washing” you will always make your car shine and clean w..
65.00 EGP
Advantages     The device allows you to automatically control the locking of the side mirrors of the car     Make it easier to control the side mirrors when parking or on a narrow road     A modern and practical device for automatic control..
300.00 EGP
Arabic lanterns polisher makes the new Arabic lantern    How to use :    Wash the lantern with soapy water    Sand the lantern with a fine sandpaper of 1000 with water, then wipe it well and dry it, then sand it without water, the parts that have less scr..
115.00 EGP
Tire pressure gauge Tire pressure gauge
-22 %
A valve that measures the pressure of the tire with the utmost accuracy and is the best way to monitor the condition of the car tiresr periodically.    Advantages    - valve makes you able to easily and periodically follow the condition of the tires 24/7  &nbs..
70.00 EGP 90.00 EGP
The set consists of two pieces, suitable for cars, motorcycles, or a multi-colored wheel that lights up three colors with a motion sensor..
90.00 EGP
- It will inflate the 4 wheels without needing a crank in less than a minute - It will inflate all kinds of tires, whether Arab, wheel or Vespa - The wire is long so that you can easily inflate all car tires - It works by connecting it to the Arab lighter - It will be useful for inflating many thing..
380.00 EGP
- It contains a place designated to install the mobile in any position other than what is located, the reflective mirror.- It will reflect the time on your mobile phone in the mirror and also follow the GPS, and you will be able to see messages and calls or watch a movie that entertains you while yo..
310.00 EGP
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