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Wireless earbuds - equipped with a digital screen to know the charging rate - 2 microphones in both ears - Bluetooth - compatible with all iPhone and Android operating systems - soundproofing - works with sensor touch - the headset works for 4 hours - the headset box charges in an hour Charges the h..
280.00 EGP
Headphone row: - Wireless earbuds - Contains a charger connection - 2 microphones in both ears - Bluetooth - Compatible with all iPhone and Android operating systems - It has sound insulation - It has a sensor touch - The headset works for two and a half hours - Headphone box It charges in an hour a..
250.00 EGP
AirPods Pro 5 White AirPods Pro 5 White
-25 %
Features    The headset is distinguished by its purity of sound and its loud and clear sound.    The headset has a light that turns off the first time you reach the mobile phone.    The box comes with an extension cable so that you know how to charge the ..
150.00 EGP 200.00 EGP
Airpods Pro Semi Original Black Airpods Pro Semi Original Black
-16 %
Features:-    The headset is loaded with a new idea    Because it charges from the mobile itself, because its charger is type C instead of the normal USB, and you can charge it from the mobile at any time. 2 microphones in each headset are equipped with noise isolation ..
320.00 EGP 380.00 EGP
AirPods with speaker 4 in 1 AirPods with speaker 4 in 1
-25 %
Headset m6 4 in 1 (Airpods, speaker, power bank will save you when your mobile disconnects charging and flashlight, all in one device)* How to use * Press the playback button in the back and long press and search on the phone for the speaker model and connect it to the mobile for a higher volume Pre..
450.00 EGP 600.00 EGP
USB Data and charging is very excellent, high quality and excellent quality, all types, normal Android, fast charging, iPhone USB: a high-quality cable that transfers data quickly and charges quickly, high quality, lives a long time, does not heat up..
90.00 EGP
EV151 Wired Headphones EV151 Wired Headphones
-15 %
Speaker Size: 10 MM Sensitivity: 96 +- 3db at 1khz 0.5v rms Frequency response: 20HZ: 20000 HZ Plug Type: 3.5 MM Microphone Dimensions: 4*1.5 MM Sensitivity: 42 dB+/-3Db Frequency response: 30: 16000 HZ Speaker Very comfortable on the ear and conforms to the shape of the ear, loud and clear sound an..
85.00 EGP 100.00 EGP
InPods 12 Yellow + M4 Smart Band InPods 12 Yellow + M4 Smart Band
-14 %
"*Features*    It works with bluetooth, easy to use    Charges quickly in an hour you can use    You can use it for 2 to 3 hours continuously    It has a light that shows you the charging status    You can control music and c..
190.00 EGP 220.00 EGP
The headset charges in the box, and it has a screen that shows you how much the charge is so you know when you need to charge it. It works on Bluetooth and you can move it 10 meters away from the mobile so that you can move with it comfortably, and its comfortable design will comfort you when you pu..
330.00 EGP
Fast charging cable 2 mA - Anti-cut - It has 3 charging outputs for TypeC, Micro and iPhone - Cable length 1 meter - The cable head rotates 360 degrees for easy mobile movement during charging - The cable is anti-cut - Lighting acts as a charging indicator - Color random..
80.00 EGP
TWS 530 Digital Headset Black
-17 %
A sound-isolating digital headphone made of a rabra material that takes the shape of the ear and sticks, meaning you will ensure that it will not fall out of your way, with its charging box that has a screen, it will show you the percentage of charging, you will not be able to do without it with you..
240.00 EGP 290.00 EGP
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